Emotion is what I love to portray in my work. I want you to be able to feel all the emotions - the joy, the passion, & the love, between everyone that is in front of my lens. Every photo taken is capturing a memory created that needs to be remembered. I strive to make my work feel like true art, more than just a photograph - art makes you feel something. I hope my art makes you feel something.


emotion through
a photograph.


about angelica

hey friends.

I have always considered myself an artist, in one way or another. Be it playing music, doing photography, or creating physical art - art, in any form, has always been my passion and main source of happiness. Now, I hope to share my passion with others by creating lasting memories through the form of photography, but with an emphasis on the beauty of the craft, being more than just an image, but creating the most beautiful of memories.

now tell me all
about you!